Monday, January 2, 2017

De lima to Duterte: Pray I don’t become the next President, for you will pay for your crimes.

De Lima has for a lengthy time stood up against Duterte's leadership style calling it barbaric and corrupt.

She has in many occassions questioned the president’s credibility and capability to be the president; to an extent of urging the cabinet to declare him "unfit" to hold presintential office.

She has labeled Duterte a "Killer"and a man who has no respect for the law. “If you have no respect for human rights, you also have no respect for the law. So how can he lead our country if that is his belief?” De Lima once said.

Madam De Lima has today warned the president that, since he uses his executive authority to oppress the weak and mostly those who oppose his administration, he should be ready to pay for his crimes once she "Becomes the president".

"I would like to tell Rodrigo Duterte that, every one is watching. Just pray I don't become the next president for you will pay dearly for every single crime you committed against everyone"De Lima said.

Senator de Lima once chaired a senate inquiry into the extrajudicial killings of drug suspects but on September, she was kicked out from the chair after several criminal complains were filled against her mostly on drug dealings.


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